Up and down

Hi all,

I’ve had a bumpy couple of days and I haven’t had time to make a post on how I’m doing. Lots is going on at the moment (not all bad, don’t worry!) and it has made for an interesting learning curve for me. I had planned to do a video blog last night, but I got distracted! Twice a week I run a bootcamp at the Ageas Bowl, and last night driving into the venue I got stopped by guards and questioned about my intentions and reasons for wanting to enter. Of course, they let me through, but I was somewhere between rattled and pleased that they’ve stepped it up so much in the wake of the terror attack in Manchester.

Anyway, I’ve learned the hard way on Tuesday and Wednesday that preparation is going to be my best friend. A lack of preparation opens the door for slip ups. And if I slip up, it opens the door for a slippery downward spiral that I already know I’m very prone to! On Tuesday my poor time management and lack of preparedness got the better of me. Unfortunately, it carried on into Wednesday! It all started out with a rough morning with two tired girls and trying to get them sorted and out the door. I made my breakfast but I didn’t get to eat it. As soon as I got back from the school run I had to drive my husband to work (he has a torn ligament in his foot and currently can’t drive). By the time I was in the city I was *starving*. Cue the demolishing of a couple of McDonald’s hash browns and the consumption of a very not PKU friendly coffee. It all just kept going from there. Eating crap for breakfast (though I did have all my formula!) meant I was HUNGRY. And not even hungry, HANGRY! It stayed all day. And I ate one crap thing after another…. for two days! I have just wanted to curl up in bed and sleep continuously.

Then last night I got super upset with myself, and wondering why I’m struggling so much mentally, and I realised that I just stopped taking my antidepressants without slowing them down first. I didn’t mean to, I’ve just been super busy and I kept forgetting. So that probably hasn’t helped the cycle of guilt that has followed.

However, today is a new day! I’ve started it off with porridge, Glytactin RTD and a fast paced walk with the dog. Now heading in for five hours of PT (I’m going to be shattered!).


Day 3 – killer cardio!

Day 3 and still going strong. Did a blood test this morning for my phe levels, not expecting it to be great as I’ve been a little inconsistent, sick, stressed and hormonal. Currently sat in my car trying not to puke after blasting myself with stair sprints after bootcamp. Cardio sucks! 

I’m a bit dorky in this video… I make no apologies ๐Ÿ˜‚


Fitness & Body Transformation Day 1 – video blog

Today is day 1 of my transformation project that I posted about yesterday. I got up this morning and took my measurements and weight. Not brace enough to post here yet, though! It was eye opening, and a bit unpleasant. No body fat % as no way to measure it aside from my wildly inaccurate scales (the body fat function is influenced by something as minor as a glass of water).

Here is my first video blog… outside or cleaning most of the day, no makeup, midway through cooking dinner and with unbrushed hair ๐Ÿ˜‚ 


From fat to the stage on a low protein diet

I have neglected this blog for a while. Truth be told, I’ve just been getting on with life and business, and for a long time I’ve put my own goals aside to help everyone else. A good friend helped me realise recently, that while it’s good to help other people that I am important too. Over the past year I’ve put everything into my business. All my spare time, money and energy.ย By the time looking after my family fits into that equation there was nothing left for me, and I’ve been exhausted. My training has long fallen by the wayside in favour of helping my personal training clients to achieve their goals. I’ve got that the wrong way round. No, not the wrong way round, but perhaps that balance is wrong. I shouldn’t have to sacrifice myself in order to help others, and I’ve decided that it stops now.

It’s with quite a bit of trepidation, and yes, even fear, that I resurrect this blog in the name of my goal. I’ve set myself a huge goal and it terrifies me. Previously I’ve experimented on myself in the name of science (well, sort of!) to learn how my PKUย reacts to different kinds of exercise, but now I’ve decided to see how far I can truly push myself.

I’m not going to lie about the fact that over the past year or so I’ve gained some weight. At my biggest ever I was around the 140kg mark, and I’m nowhere near there, but I have gained. That’s what happens when you don’t make your own health and fitness a priority though, I suppose.

I’m giving myself a year to see how radically I can change my physique while still maintaining my low protein diet. My ultimate goal is to shred the fat and carve a stage worthy physique, notwithstanding the inevitable loose skin that would most likely prevent me on stepping onto an actual stage.

I’ve thought about this long and hard. I have no idea what can be achieved, and how much having PKU and maintaining decent phenylalanine levels will hold me back. I know it won’t be easy, and that’s certain. It’s going to mean hard work, dedication, early mornings, constant DOMS, possibly being hangry, frustration and no doubt annoying the hell out of my metabolic clinic with this, my latest crazy scheme.

There are going to be definite challenges. For one, this is going to be done on a tight budget. We’re trying to buy a house at the moment, and that means that all expenses except the absolute essentials have had to go, including my gym membership. I have some basic equipment in my home studio – a bench with bench press, ham curl and leg extension attachments (though I doubt the leg attachment will hold much weight as it’s quite poor quality, and it shows), a very basic squat rack, a low step, two kettlebells, battle ropes, a TRX that I have no room to use and some too light dumbbells. I also have costochondritis, and I have no idea how to train chest without hurting myself. One decent depth press up on my knees or a chest session with measly 1kg weights and that awful pain starts to come right back. I don’t want to end up back feeling like I’m having heart attacks every week or two! I also only eat 12-15g of protein per day, plus an additional 60g of protein from my GMP (from whey) based medication. That’s not exactly much.

The only thing I might do is to get a few sessions with a personal trainer of my own. I have someone in mind, but I need to speak to her to find out if I have to be a member of her gym to train with her, and if she accepts credit card payments over the phone (which, to be fair, is very unlikely). My ability to train with someone rides on those two things, because I can’t afford a gym membership, and the PT sessions would be a birthday present from my mum in Australia, who, I understand, wants to use her credit card rather than sending me money directly.

I have no idea how this is going to play out. I have a rough plan, tomorrow is my day 1. I will be weighing in, taking my measurements and… probably not my body fat % because I have zero idea how to do that by myself and I don’t have anyone I trust enough to grab and pinch handfuls of my fat.

I’m 34 in a few weeks. This challenge ends on almost my 35th birthday. I’ve never been small. I’ve never been under a size 14, and while I’m fairly okay with me as I am, I want to know what I can do if I am 100% dedicated and push myself without giving up.

But hey… what’s a year, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰