Up and down

Hi all,

I’ve had a bumpy couple of days and I haven’t had time to make a post on how I’m doing. Lots is going on at the moment (not all bad, don’t worry!) and it has made for an interesting learning curve for me. I had planned to do a video blog last night, but I got distracted! Twice a week I run a bootcamp at the Ageas Bowl, and last night driving into the venue I got stopped by guards and questioned about my intentions and reasons for wanting to enter. Of course, they let me through, but I was somewhere between rattled and pleased that they’ve stepped it up so much in the wake of the terror attack in Manchester.

Anyway, I’ve learned the hard way on Tuesday and Wednesday that preparation is going to be my best friend. A lack of preparation opens the door for slip ups. And if I slip up, it opens the door for a slippery downward spiral that I already know I’m very prone to! On Tuesday my poor time management and lack of preparedness got the better of me. Unfortunately, it carried on into Wednesday! It all started out with a rough morning with two tired girls and trying to get them sorted and out the door. I made my breakfast but I didn’t get to eat it. As soon as I got back from the school run I had to drive my husband to work (he has a torn ligament in his foot and currently can’t drive). By the time I was in the city I was *starving*. Cue the demolishing of a couple of McDonald’s hash browns and the consumption of a very not PKU friendly coffee. It all just kept going from there. Eating crap for breakfast (though I did have all my formula!) meant I was HUNGRY. And not even hungry, HANGRY! It stayed all day. And I ate one crap thing after another…. for two days! I have just wanted to curl up in bed and sleep continuously.

Then last night I got super upset with myself, and wondering why I’m struggling so much mentally, and I realised that I just stopped taking my antidepressants without slowing them down first. I didn’t mean to, I’ve just been super busy and I kept forgetting. So that probably hasn’t helped the cycle of guilt that has followed.

However, today is a new day! I’ve started it off with porridge, Glytactin RTD and a fast paced walk with the dog. Now heading in for five hours of PT (I’m going to be shattered!).


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