Day 3 – killer cardio!

Day 3 and still going strong. Did a blood test this morning for my phe levels, not expecting it to be great as I’ve been a little inconsistent, sick, stressed and hormonal. Currently sat in my car trying not to puke after blasting myself with stair sprints after bootcamp. Cardio sucks! 

I’m a bit dorky in this video… I make no apologies 😂



Fitness & Body Transformation Day 1 – video blog

Today is day 1 of my transformation project that I posted about yesterday. I got up this morning and took my measurements and weight. Not brace enough to post here yet, though! It was eye opening, and a bit unpleasant. No body fat % as no way to measure it aside from my wildly inaccurate scales (the body fat function is influenced by something as minor as a glass of water).

Here is my first video blog… outside or cleaning most of the day, no makeup, midway through cooking dinner and with unbrushed hair 😂